1. What are my chances of getting in?

We currently do not have a wait list; however some classrooms are nearing their desired capacity. Admissions are made on a first-come, first-served basis, based on availability, with a preference for already enrolled families (i.e. new siblings) and full time clients.

2. Does my child have to be toilet trained?

No. We do not expect all children to be completely toilet trained. We are more than willing to work with the children (and parents) during this process. Parents are responsible for providing diapers & wipes in the infant and Toddler classrooms.

3. Is your program a "preschool" or "daycare"?

We are not a "preschool" in the technical sense because we are open for a full day rather than just a few hours, nor do we simply provide "daycare." To best describe it, we are a child care center with a preschool component. You get the best of both worlds: full-time or part-time child care with snacks, lunch, and nap time, along with a developmentally appropriate learning environment. The teachers plan the curriculum by setting up various interest centers in the classroom (science table; dramatic play; blocks; puzzles; art; large motor; etc.) and preparing developmentally appropriate lessons.

4. Does my child have to take a nap?

All children who are in attendance between 12:30-3:00 P.M. are requested to rest quietly on a cot. During this rest time, the teachers play soft music and rub students’ backs. Children who are awake after 20-30 minutes may play quietly at their mats or at a table activity while the other children continue to nap until 3:00. We make every effort to accommodate children who truly need a nap as well as those who do not. All children, however, can benefit from a "rest time." Any student who feels the need to rest at another time during the day may do so. Infants and young toddlers follow individual care routines, and nap according to their own schedule.

5. How much does it cost and how often will I be billed?

Our current rates are available by telephoning the office at (724)222.6180. Parents are billed each Wednesday for the following week’s care. Payments are due Monday morning for that week of service. Other billing arrangements can be made at a parent’s request (i.e. monthly tuition paid by the 1st of each month).

6. Do I have to pay for child care on days my child does not attend?

Once we set a schedule for your child, you will be billed for those days regardless of your child's actual attendance. If your child is normally scheduled to attend on Monday, for example, and s/he is sick that day, then yes, you will still be billed (most child care centers operate this way). We also bill for days the center is closed (Labor Day, Columbus Day (Teacher-In-Service), Thanksgiving Day & Friday following Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day) if it falls on your child’s usual day of attendance.

7. Do I have to schedule an appointment to visit the center?

Although parents of enrolled children are welcome to visit the center at any time, prospective parents should call first to schedule an appointment. This way you can be sure that someone will be available to talk with you and show you around the center.

8. Do you offer drop-in care?

Parents sometimes call and inquire about the availability of child care for a day or a short period of time (i.e. two weeks). We do not offer this type of child care. Parents can call a local Resource and Referral Agency, Child Care Information Services at 724.228.6969, to obtain a list of "temporary" child care providers